Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy


India already feels elated of having a number of Bible colleges, theological seminaries and missionary training centers etc then why does she have to have one more?

To Impart candidates a balanced course of spiritual and academic insight in and through the Bible so that to be excelled in the knowledge of the word of God in order that they may be able to balance and interrelate between the work of the Holy spirit and power of the mind through biblical discipleship and Christian training within the discipline of Christian counseling, Christian apologetics, Christian ethics, Christian prophetical office and Christian leadership.

To Improve candidates to be pastorally skilled, ethically sound, evangelically powerful and wise in navigating or leading in front with the spiritual and personality formation of what they have been called for. Spiritual formation and identifying ones gifts are the essential areas to be concentrated in order that they may be well versed in their call and purpose of their lives. (Mainly pastors with pastoral counseling skills, Evangelists with apologetic nature- defending Christian faith, Teachers and prophets in ethics and apostles in Leadership)

To Impact the society with the propulsive mission through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, application of the word of knowledge and through the implementation of spiritual gifts as they have been trained according to their potentiality of call and anointing.

“ To impart Academic Excellency in the Bible; to improve Spiritual Amelioration in the Personal Lives and to impact propulsive move in the mission Field; especially in and around the globe ”