Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Theology and Biblical Studies



DTBS pursues the academic study of Christianity and the Bible with an overview of major world religions. Our program allows students to study Biblical interpretation, individual books of the Bible in depth, and theological history and current issues for a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. At YBC candidates will have the opportunity to focus their studies into a particular ministry context such as: pastoral studies, youth ministry, and intercultural ministries. The professors will challenge them to pursue the hard questions of the Bible, theology, and of life. Candidates will gain academic knowledge and also grow personally and spiritually. There are mainly two courses like BTH and M.Div monitored and imparted by this department. The subjects from the following list will be selected and taught in the class rooms in accordance with the needs and urgency. Each subject has its own description and syllabus which will be conceded at the class rooms before the start of the class.