Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Supervised Ministerial Experience


Supervised Ministerial Experience (Mission field and spiritual emphasis)

It is required that all the students must produce their fruits in the mission field. For that YBC once in every semester organizes mission trips and spiritual emphasis meetings. It is a must requirement for every student who will enroll to YBC in terms of studies and degrees. The account will be taken into consideration for the graduation for YBC strongly believes in practical ministries. The practical ministries will also be arranged in hospital, prisons, streets, mountains, seashores, islands, schools, colleges, cities, villages and towns. Thus one must be always ready to face the challenges of getting into mission fields like listed above.

All students are involved in actual experience in ministry under supervision. This is coordinated by the practical training committee under the leadership of the Director of the practical Training Department. Each team has a Faculty Advisor and a local supervisor. Every member of each team is expected to be involved in the activities of the team for at least 2 hours per week.

Evaluation of each student’s performance is made at the end of each year on the basis of feedback from the supervisor and the Faculty Advisor. It is only on the recommendation of the practical Training Committee and the Faculty Meeting that a student will be cleared for graduation.