Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Spirituality and Disciplinary procedure


Every students and staffs of YBC are called for the maintenance of Christian behaviors and attitudes in their lives in the campus or outside of the campus. Malpractices and fraudulent of producing any documents will demand one’s own responsibility with a voluntary dismiss. The college at any cost does not encourage unfaithfulness or malfunctions in their Christian walk. The students and Faculty members should maintain their quality time in prayer and meditation

  • Timing and self discipline are highly insisted.
  • Self respect and respecting others are expected.
  • Plagiarism and male practices in assignments and exams are strictly prevented.
  • Clearing fees and keeping financial integrity is highly demanded.
  • Violation of college rules and disobedience of Biblical ethics are punishable and if needs there will be no hesitance to take disciplinary action of expelling from the studies.
  • Spending time for discussion and finding out ones gift are motivated.
  • The college management practices its authority to take any actions on the basis of discipline, implement of rules & regulations and monitoring of one’s life at college premises as they come for their studies.

If any student is observed to be in trespassing normal Christian standards, it is prerogative of students or Faculty to bring this to the attention of the office of the Dean/ Registrar. It is assumed that the student involved will then be counseled and given opportunity to clarify the implicating circumstances. If, however, the situation does appear critical and in need of disciplinary action, there are established procedures for further action. Disciplinary action can range from temporary probation to suspension or permanent expulsion from YBC.