Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
philosophy and religion



Philosophy and Religion are the logic and poetry of the mind, the backbone of global intellectual history. Humans have long used reason and imagination to investigate both the circumstances that determine us as well as the possibilities that inspire us. These endeavors have situated the individual within cosmic paradigms and have yielded the cultural benefits of social contracts and moral precepts. Students of philosophy and religion explore existence and essence, the real and ideal, and aspire to understand the vicissitudes of enlightenment. Our courses will help you discover the variety of human inquiry, realize the scope of human adequacy, and acquire the skills of cultural diplomacy in compilation with Christian values and Biblical worldview.

The philosophy side of our department aims to prepare students to comprehend and discuss complex texts and to help them interpret these texts in the world in which they find themselves. The philosophy Faculty brings their philosophical skills to a variety of ethical situations in the contemporary world, helping to define, clarify, and interpret moral issues in areas that range from medicine to the environment and from the world of business to philanthropy.

The religious studies Faculty work to inculcate informed empathy in our students and the wider community as they approach and work to understand the world’s religions. Like their philosopher counterparts, they work to prepare students to understand and analyze the varieties of religious experiences. The religious studies Faculty’s research ranges throughout many world religious traditions and focuses on the expressions of those traditions in the contemporary world.

The department is home to a broad range of subjects: from Philosophy to Christianity, Islam and other religious and secular traditions. The strong research focus, together with extensive engagement with other disciplines and with the wider society, is further reflected in the high quality of the educational programs offered by the department.