Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Doctor of Philosophy / Ministry



YBC seeks its candidate to obtain doctorate level of studies within three years of duration, which mainly focus on the practical areas like Christian counseling, Christian apologetics, Christian ethics, and leadership. This course significantly is designed only for the people of God who are really called and involved in the ministry of Gospel and are legible with the Master level programs in theological and biblical studies. The research method and empirical study method will be strictly taught and implemented. Dissertation is a must for the certificate within the major.

Other level of conceding certificate on Doctor of Ministry is according to the ministerial experience and to preserve the church history of India if any one deal their research with the events and the incidents of church history and mission field and submit their dissertation will be qualified in to doctorate graduation.

Yet another level of being qualified to be a doctorate graduate is to have highly qualified of Indian evangelical field in terms of spiritual and denominational contribution to the Kingdom of God. It will be rendered as an honorary certificate. And also according to the ministerial experience and the testimony of the ministers of the gospel, the ordination will be bestowed to the candidates who are really in worthy of their call and the ministry that they have contributed to the service of Christianity and kingdom of God around the globe.