Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Pastoral Psychology and Counseling



As human beings we seek meaning and purpose in life in all its complexities. We also seek support and care in times of psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenge and struggle. Whether in the context of mental health counseling or pastoral and spiritual care, we grow through interactions that address core questions and explore the richness of the human person. The pastoral psychology and counseling department at YBC is a pioneering leader in research and the preparation of pastoral counselors and pastoral care givers for whom spiritual understanding is an integral part of their lives and ministry. Our post graduate program of Master of Theology in pastoral psychology and counseling would integrate the pastoral, spiritual, clinical, and scientific dimensions to prepare pastoral counselors and care givers for leadership in their ministry. DPPC is also designed in such a way to help the pastors who shepherd the churches and want to be excelled in their counseling skills and psychological perception about the issues daily faced by the believers. This department will certainly inspire the candidates to draw solutions and inferences for the current scenario of emotional, psychological and social challenges along with spiritual interest. There will be maximum eight subjects; selected from the following subjects provided with looking at the capacity and necessity of the candidates according to the current affairs.