Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Part time / Distance Learning


YBC provides the servants of God with an opportunity to pursue their studies at their natives through distance education provided with contact classes. Those who are being involved in mission field also can apply for this type of studies. They have to do their enrollment through nearby study centers. They will be provided with identity card, registration number, course materials on the basis of their 75% percentage of payment. Their hall tickets and further academic details will be updated time to time from the academic office of YBC through the center coordinators. Foreign students can also apply for their studies in distance learning method whereas they would not be able to get contact classes but study materials with an emphasis of self study system. There question papers and answer sheets along with the models of assignment and field assessment papers will be sent to them by post. They have to appear exam at home where they will do their examinations with subjective and research type. Their registration and details will be registered in the academic department of YBC. The courses are offered in YBC too extended for those who study via Distance learning structure. Distant learners must send their term paper on their given topic in every semester and they ought to prepare and submit a reading report/ evidence for reading of the course material.

Their exam system follows the western method of “Take Home”. The questions will be always on subjective methods. The questions and answers sheets will be sent to the students along with their Hall Tickets and necessary provisions. The following centers and colleges which are affiliated and accredited by BTA will help you to figure out your nearest place of studies.