Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Christian leadership and communication



It is evident that there is a desperate need for impactful moral leaders in our nation. YBC believes there is an urgency to train, develop, and release leaders into their destiny, in order to bring about transformational change within our society and Christianity. With this in mind YBC and its academic department have banded together to create the DCLC. This brings a wealth of corporate and ministry leadership experience to the department. Participants will be greatly impacted and enriched by the courses and course materials provided with the academic department and professors.

The objective DCLC is to develop leaders that will excel in their sphere of influence, with the highest standards of integrity, effectiveness and excellence. Furthermore, the program will have a strong focus on the “process” of leadership and will equip participants on successful leadership principles, as well as proven best practices. DCLC is a Masters level Certification program that can also be taken as part of a degree. It consists of four core courses, in-class, that will be provided throughout the academic year and an additional six modules (1-2 day seminars) that will be offered on a monthly basis throughout the year. Upon successful completion leaders will be honored in a graduation ceremony.