Yeshcol Bible College and Billage Theological Academy
Board of Directors





Sir. F Gordon Billage

Honorable sir Gordon F Billage serves as a chairperson of FGCT in UK and his constant support and sacrificial service to YBC and its function truly strengthen us in pursuing His will for the kingdom of God. His joint partnership and contribution along with the beloved trustees and billage family to YBC and its development really express the love of Christ and the grace of God which inspire us move forward with much diligence and gratitude. 

Dr. David Balasingh

Being the renowned international preacher and teacher of the Bible serves also as a CEO of South Asia Mission Impetus. His zeal for God and the love for the young generation of India focus his attention towards YBC and BTA. His uncompromising counsel and mentorship in terms of spiritual and academic sphere edify not only the student body but also the Faculty of YBC for the sound theological education and disciplined training.


Rev. C Paul

He is the founder and president of Good shepherd churches and mission. Having much responsibility on his shoulder, he loves to see ybc and bta growing. His fervent prayers and counsel boost us to accomplish his will even in the midst of hardship.



Rev. C Monoharamony

Serves as a senior pastor of AG Church in Arumani. His pastoral heart and presence truly guide us to move on the right track to fulfill the vision that has been entrusted upon us.



Honorary chairman


Rev. Mark Billage

Having a highly reputed personality frequently known for his humbleness and simplicity. His time being in India as missionary has played a vital role in the lives of many to know their call and purpose of life. His inspirational visits at YBC from the beginning of its start without any doubt motivate YBC family to grow in the level that the Lord wants. His love for the Lord extends also towards YBC & BTA in terms of seeing the young people of India transformed in their lives for the reformation of India itself.


Administrative officers


The Director

John Selin

John Selin is the Founding President of BTA and YBC. He also serves as a co- Pastor at Bethel AG Church in Arumanai, KK Dt, Tamil Nadu, South India. John Selin is serving as a full-time minister since 2002 after the graduation from Southern Asia Bible College where he has been confirmed of his vision and mission of his life. From a very young age, he strongly believes that he has been passionate and specifically chosen of God to do the training and discipleship ministries for the Kingdom of God. His personal experience of being a missionary to Andaman Nicobar islands and his training under the leadership of British missionaries like Rev. Mark Billage and Rev. Richard of master builders’ team have sincerely molded him for the purpose that he is being called for. It is the Lord who used Rev. Mark Billage to encourage him to walk in the Lord’s calling. Today it is the Lord’s doing that more than hundreds of students are trained and edified to go globally into the mission field every year under his leadership. He always thanks the Lord for the right vision, right time and the right people with the right resources. Jeni angel his wife serves as the administrative secretary of YBC and BTA. She shares the similar vision and burden to teach and train people to strive for their God given pursuits. She is a bloodshed witness of her dad who died of martyrdom for the sake of the gospel. Yes this ministry we have is the fruits of the bloodshed of our Master Jesus Christ and the heroes of the faith. They both got married in the year of 2008. In the same year of their marriage the Lord commissioned them to start the Yeshcol Bible College in partnership with Sir Gordon Billage FGCT UK. Since then they have been actively involved in organizing and running this Bible College. The Lord also has specially anointed John Selin to preach the gospel and teach the Word of God with great zeal and passion. He is also blessed with two beautiful daughters namely Jane Raphela and Jane Jeirah.