YBC is an interdenominational institution of discipleship and biblical studies which has been affiliated to Billage theological academy to train the candidates who are compelled to preach the good news of Jesus Christ and are intrigued at going into all the nations in the proclamation and fulfillment of His will within various disciplines and capacity of their call and anointing. It is solemnly committed to train pastors within the discipline of pastoral psychology and counseling, evangelists with the capacity of Christian apologetics and mission, teachers within the discipline of Christian ethics, apostles within the rule of Christian leadership and prophets within the department of prophetical office. In the year of 2008, October the 7th there was a small group of people assembled together under the unfinished roof of a rental building at Kalladimamoodu in KK Dist, Tamil Nadu, South India to witness the birth of a divine vision named by Yeshcol Bible College and it was inaugurated by Rev. Mark Billage along with the people (nearly 33 people) gathered there by. Initially, there were three and four students enrolled respectively their names for BTh and MDiv. But today we praise the Lord for it has grown now into more than 120 students in both BTh and MDiv along with the specialized courses of Master of Theology. It is presently relocated from Kalladimamoodu to its own building at Martyr Selvaraj community hall, Puthucodu, Aruvikkarai PO 629177.